How I Can Motivate Myself to Work Out

I have to be honest with you, I am a person with a high self-motivation. Self-motivation is the force that drives you to do things. When we think you’re ready to quit something, or we just don’t know how to start something, self-motivation is what pushes us to go on.

In life, we have to Set achievable goals and work to achieve them. To accomplish that we need a positive and encouraging attitude.

While I was pregnant with my twins, I gained 56 pounds. 4 weeks after my twins were born I started to work out to lose the 20 pounds left I had to lose. My goals were to lose that weight in 2 months by doing exercise and eating healthy. I started to run every day for 1 hour per day. I have to say, I was a runner before I get pregnant and was running about 4-5 miles per day / 7 days per week.

I was desperate to get back in my clothes. The first 10 pounds was really quick to lose. The last 10 pound was difficult. I could run 30-35 miles per weeks and I was losing 1 pound and 1/2 or 2 pounds per week. It was discouraging. But, I was determinate to achieve my goal. I was looking at my favorite pair of jeans or my beautiful shift dress and it was clear I was not giving up. Finally, after 2 months of hard work I lost all the weight I gained. Then, I decided to run only 4 times per weeks and started strength training 2-3 times per week.

I have been pregnant twice and both time I did the same. The weight of the second pregnancy was more easy to lose because I gained less weight during the pregnancy. It took me 1 month and a half the second time.

How I can motivate myself to work out?

Working out is hard and take time. Start with simple goals and then progress to longer goals. Remember to make your goals achievable. Flexible goals encourage you to stay focus.

The best way to motivate yourself to work out is to find a routine you truly enjoy, so your workout doesn’t feel like work. It can be helpful to plan your workout schedule in advance. Write it down on your weekly schedule. Get notifications on your phone. Myself, I always workout at the same time of the day in the morning. I feel I have more energy in the morning. Anyway, I don’t have time at night because of the homework for my twins.

Personally, I prefer solo workouts, but for those that need a little push, scheduling regular workouts with a friend or group can make all the difference.

My husband and my friend love to use their Apple Watch as a fitness tool. The newest version of Apple watch has heart rate tracking, GPS, auto sync with cardio gym equipment, and fitness apps. This is a great tool to boost your fitness.

Whether you’re a taking the first steps toward fitness or an exercise fanatic, a good fitness program include cardio, strength training, core exercises, balance, and stretching. If your long-term effort focuses only on cardio you will lose weight, but you will also be losing muscle.

I like to workout with a personal trainer. It is addictive and you see good results. It is good to consider working with a personal trainer 2-3 times per year. That one-on-one time will help assess your current exercise routine, make recommendations for improvement or create a well-balanced workout and correct your workout mistakes.

Make sure to create a challenge every time you exercise. Use a different routine, add little more weight, rest five to 10 seconds less between sets, add more reps, or do one more set.

We Are Never Too Old to Sleep with Stuffed Animals

Does you kid sleep with a special stuffed animal, doll or blanket?

My 8 years old twins love to sleep with a stuffed animal and their blanket. Last night, I asked my son a question “why you love to sleep with your stuffed animal”. His answer was “I feel safe” ” They protect me”. I realized a long time ago my kids have a need for comfort during the night, and stuffed animal remind them of feeling calm, secure and loved.

The funny thing is my twins were not interested in the stuffed animal before the age of 3 years old. It’s all started when they started preschool. I think it became a stress relief, a sense of identity and security. The comfort of a stuffed animal at night seems silly but studies show there’s no specific age for the habit. It’s normal for a kid to hold onto a nighttime stuffed animal later than you might think that he or she should.

A stuffed animal, doll, blanket are known as a transitional object in the psychology world, they can provide a sense of safety for children’s and adults. They are the perfect transitional object and also been shown to evoke social development. A stuffed animal is nothing to worry about. I have people I know that still displayed stuffed animals on their bed. I even know elderly that sleep with a stuffed animal. A lot of adults will use them to help them cope with stressful life events.

Allow your child this connection with a stuffed animal will benefit your child and yourself as a parent. People like to judge parents for every decision made, but doing what is right for your child is up to no one except yourself.

Tuna Stuffed Avocado

I make this recipe every week for last 15 years. It’s one of my husband favorite appetizer. This recipe take less than 5 minutes to make.

Place the avocado on a work surface. Make a lengthwise cut, slicing until the blade hits the pit. Pick up the fruit and give it a twist. The two halves should come right apart. Slowly whack the spoon into the pit, then twist and lift it out.

Add tuna into a medium-size mixing bowl.  Finely chop half of a celery stick. Mix it with a fork. Add Hellman’s real mayonnaise to get a creamy texture, salt and pepper to the mixing bowl. Pour lemon juice over. Scoop the tuna into the avocado.

1 can of tuna for 2 avocados (4 slices) will be good. You can replace tuna with shrimps using the same recipe.

How can we make homework fun!

I have twins who are in third grade. They go to a school that offers a trilingual education program based on international curricula. They have class in English, French, and Spanish. That mean, learning 3 languages required more homework.

Why did I decide to send them there? I’m french and my husband speaks only English. My kid’s first language is English. It was important to me they can become fluent in French. Spanish is an important language to learn today.

I often heard my kids say: “Why we get so much homework”. “We already did that at school”. “Homework is boring.” “Homework is fun” “Why I learn this language”. How can we make it a bit more fun for our kids?

I grew up doing homework (elementary, high school, college) it was a part of our daily routine. I don’t believe in the philosophy “no homework”. I know a lot of studies have been done on the subject. Homework is a part of a school and is set with the aim of helping children absorb and build on work done in class and to extend their learning time. Doing homework also helps to check what our children know and they can become independent learners.

Research overwhelmingly supports the notion that students who do homework do better in school than those who don’t.

How can we make homework fun! This is how I try to make homework more fun for my kids.

First, I play an active role in their homework. I don’t just sit them down at a desk and let them work by themselves. I know what they have to do as homework and I’m ready with all the material they need. As a parent, our knowledge is important to them and it will contribute towards their development. It takes a lot of time and patience from a parent. But, I believe homework give me the opportunity to see what’s going on at school and learn about my kid’s strengths and weaknesses.

I always complete homework straight after school while they are in school mode. They do much better that way! It’s impossible to do homework before bedtime. They are tired and do not have the motivation to work on it.

I get rid of any distractions so my kids can focus on their work. I go to a quiet place. It’s important to remove anything that should enable your kids to focus on the task.

My kids love playing, so I try to incorporate that into their homework. I incorporate educational apps, online educational videos (really helpful for mathematics concept), challenges, games, and quizzes.

I also use a ticket for homework my kid’s use as incentives to get them to do their homework without whining. They can use their tickets for privileges like cinema, fun activity or iPad time. Just personalize the incentive specific to your child’s interests. Whatever you use, remember the goal is to help develop good habits for the future.

Making homework fun begins with helping kids find the right mindset. Learning is fun!